Boost your employability with these exciting Cloud certifications

Microsoft is offering Cloud training covering the most in demand Microsoft Fundamentals curricula and certifications and it's 100% free for students and recent graduates in April only

These training sessions are valuable to students who want to learn about Azure and Azure AI as well as students who plan to take the next step by pursuing industry certifications in these areas. Don't miss out on this exclusive, time-limited opportunity.

Register for one or more webinars and secure your place today.

You can choose from these two courses:

Azure Fundamentals AZ-900

The future of computing is in the cloud, and cloud usage is growing fast. Azure Fundamentals will help you understand what is possible in the cloud – how you can provide a secure reliable infrastructure, describe capabilities of the cloud and how to configure them to your needs. Prove your foundational knowledge of the cloud by certifying on the most popular cloud certification in the world.

AI Fundamentals AI-900

Join the first generation of AI-aware students. Prove that you understand the following; AI workloads and considerations, fundamental principles of machine learning on Azure, features of computer vision workloads on Azure, features of Natural Language Processing (NLP) workloads on Azure, and features of conversational AI workloads on Azure.